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Hobart and William Smith Graduate Reflects on Career

November 13, 2012

Like most college graduates, Robert Karofsky was driven by a desire to succeed. What separates him from his peers? The skill set to back up his aspirations with action. After graduating from Hobart and William Smith Colleges, renowned for the high quality of their educational programs, he entered the equity trading industry by accepting a position at Morgan Stanley.

Fourteen years later, Karofsky and a team of other Morgan Stanley experts decided to spread their wings and seek new opportunities. To the delight of Deutsche Bank Securities, Karofsky accepted the position of Managing Director, Global Head of Program Trading & Direct Markets Access. Deutsche Bank’s Head of Global Markets, Anshu Jain, described him as a professional, and the company labeled Karofsky and his team the personification of “commitment to clients, excellence in risk management and innovation,” values that Deutsche considers pillars that support its market leadership strategies.

In early 2010, Karofsky, a number of his constituents, and numerous Deutsche Bank clients banded together to raise more than $4 million donated toward Haiti relief efforts. He considers the fundraising effort’s huge success one of the landmark moments in his career, saying he was “extremely gratified to partner with our clients to address the urgent needs of the Haitian people.”


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