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New Hire for Deutsche Bank Specializes in Trading Algorithms

October 11, 2012

Robert Karofsky, Deutsche Bank’s Co-Head of Global Markets Equity, is proud to announce the hiring of Jose Marques as Managing Director and Head of Equity Electronic Trading for the bank’s Global Markets Division. Marques was formerly employed by Credit Suisse in the Advanced Execution Services Group. Electronic trading is a rapidly growing aspect of the market and is an increasing focus at Deutsche Bank as it works to become a market leader in this aspect.

With more advanced electronic trading algorithms, the choice of whether to use a human trader or make an electronic trade is becoming an increasing issue in the financial world. Suddenly, buy-side firms can bypass dealings with sell-side firms and make automated trades on their own. New algorithms make this process quicker, more efficient, and eliminates a possible conflict of interest with the brokers on the sell side. “We are more inclined to go down the electronic route when we don’t think a human can add value by finding a creative solution to a particular trade,” states Robert Karofsky.


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