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The Migration of Morgan Stanley Executives to Deutsche Bank AG

October 1, 2012

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In 2005, 14-year Morgan Stanley veteran Robert Karofsky joined Deutsche Bank AG in a move reported upon by the New York Times. While at Morgan Stanley, Karofsky functioned as Managing Director and U.S. Head of Cash Equity Trading. Deutsche Bank AG chose him to perform as Global Head of Program Trading, Global Head of Direct Markets Access, and the Co-Head of Cash Equities Strategy in America.

Appreciative of Robert Karofsky’s talents and experience, Anshu Jain, Head of Global Markets and a Member of the Group Executive Committee for Deutsche Bank AG, explained that “commitment to clients, excellence in risk management and innovation have been pillars of Global Markets’ strategy.” She added that “Robert and his team share these values. They will be integral to our ongoing drive to achieve market leadership in North America and in cash equities globally.”

Robert Karofsky was not the only executive to leave Morgan Stanley during this period. Along with Karofsky, Deutsche Bank AG hired former Morgan Stanley employees Eric Shenker, Brian Dugan, and Brian Rigney, among others.


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